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A wine is as unique as the people who accompany it

For a good wine you need experience and passion. For a very good wine you need a vision. This vision becomes slowly real in the finest vineyards after accurate handwork.

Viticulture is part of our family since decades. We're tied to nature, we always take care of our vineyards and we pass our experiences on to the next generation.

Since 2009 our winery is in the middle of the hillside Paterberg. Throughout the whole year wine enthusiasts are visiting us to get to know this unique atmosphere. You have a wide view of rhine, the red valley (Roter Hang) and Nierstein.

You should come see us once in a while! We're looking forward to your visit!

Anna-Karina und Stefan Raddeck

We love wine and we want to share this passion with you.

Anna-Karina Raddeck: After her studies of wine and enology in Geisenheim Anna worked in New Zealand. There her passion for Sauvignon blanc was born. After a stop in the wine region Hessische Bergstraße she's part of the team since 2009. Anna takes care of the sales and events in the winery. 

Stefan Raddeck: Stefan is the heart and the soul of the winery! Since 2006, after his studies of wine and enology, he is responsible for the wine production and the wine style. His passion is unstoppable and inherited from his father and grand-father. His aim is to make every vintage something unique. 

Birgit und Hans-Joachim Raddeck

Birgit und Hans Raddeck: They are the seniors of the winery, but they are a great support for the younger generation. They are still fully involved in the daily work. Hans takes great care of our customers here in the wine shop and delivers wine in whole Germany. Birgit supports our office, especially the organization of the wine deliveries and the sales in the wine shop.

Their support gives us space to chase new ideas!

Our wines are the representatives of our homeland Nierstein and the wine region Rheinhessen. We love to be hosts and look forward to awesome wine moments with you.